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    (Telif hakkı Sart Amerikan Hafriyat Heyeti / Harvard Üniversitesi)

3rd–5th century AD., Roma
Sardeis veya Müze Env. No.
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		     Θ(ε)ὲ βοήθει αὐ-
		τοῖς, Φλ(αβίῳ) Χρυσανθίῳ 
		δουκηναρίῳ φαβρικη-
	4	σίῳ καὶ τῷ οἴκῳ αὐτοῦ· 
		κατεσκεύασεν τὸν λετ-
		τεῖκα σὺν τῇ γοινεκὶ 
	8	καὶ τέκνοις. leaf
Yazıt Çevirisi
“Lord, help them: Flavius Chrysanthios, ducenarius weaponsmith and his household; he built the tomb together with his wife and his children.”
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Alan (Sektör)
Tomb 76.1
Tomb 76.1 Walls
Bulunduğu Yeri
Tomb 76.1, south wall.

Painted inscription within a wreath on the tympanon of a small barrel-vaulted masonry chamber in a subterranean tomb with wall paintings (south lunette; see also nos. 694 and 695).


5–6 λετ/τεῖκα: the inscription; λεκτείκα J. and L. Robert. With ὁ λεκτίξ (no. 696) and the accusative τὸν λεττεῖκα (nos. 693 and 694), compare ἡ λεκτεῖκα (= lectica, -ae) PBerl. Möller 11, 3 = SB 7348, 3 (first century AD); also λεκτικάριος (lecticarius, “bearer at funerals”), IG X 2, 475 (Thessaloniki, second–third century AD) and MAMA IV 32 (λεκτεικαρ‹ί›ῳ; “Phrygie, époque chrétienne,” Robert); in the latter inscription the meaning could be “porteur de litière” or “croque-mort” (J. and L. Robert, BE 1948, 102, p. 165, no. 9). Cf. also PIand 8, 154 (sixth–seventh century AD), ITyr 29B (LSJ Suppl.). Foss, M4, p. 110 n. 12 is certainly right in interpreting Sardis VII 1, no. 167 ΛΕΤΙC as λεκτίς, with a different ending of the nominative; for -κτ- = -ττ- see no. 666, 8 comm. Herrmann (ms., ad 696) refers to TLL VII, col. 1081, where, s.v. lectica, quoting the testament CIL XIII 5708, 4 (legtica fiat sub exedra et II subsellia), the meaning “cubile” is given.

6 γοινεκί: read γυναικί.

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