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    Pair of boat-shaped earrings. (Courtesy of the Vedat Nedim Tör Museum, Istanbul)

Pair of boat-shaped earrings

Late 6th or early 5th c BC, Late Lydian (Persian)
Uşak, Archaeological Museum, 1.89.96
Museum Inventory No.
Sardis or Museum Inv. No.
Uşak 1.89.96
Object Type
Jewelry and Ornaments
Toptepe Tumulus
The two boat-shaped earrings (sometimes called ‘leech-shaped’) are in the form of a crescent with pointed base and curved pointed corners, one corner tapering sharply into a long fine hook for passing through a pierced ear. Down the center at each side is a vertical carination. Each earring is made in two halves which are joined, with a seam around the edge (Özgen and Öztürk 1996, no. 113). Height 0.013 m, length 0.02 m and 0.022 m, weight 4 g and 3.6 g.
From the Toptepe Tumulus. Similar earrings are found at Ephesus (No. 144), Sardis, the tomb group from Gökçeler (Nos. 189 ff), and elsewhere. These gold examples were made using a form like No. 187, four of which were found among the objects in the Lydian Treasure. Molds for casting such earrings (probably in bronze) were found at Sardis (Waldbaum 1983, nos. 950-951); and bronze examples are among the finds from the Lydian houses destroyed in the mid-sixth century BC.
See Also
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