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    Electrum necklace from Lydian Treasure. (Courtesy of the Vedat Nedim Tör Museum, Istanbul)

Electrum necklace from Lydian Treasure

Late 6th or early 5th c BC, Late Lydian (Persian)
Uşak, Archaeological Museum, 1.116.96
Museum Inventory No.
Sardis or Museum Inv. No.
Uşak 1.116.96
Object Type
Jewelry and Ornaments
The necklace has been reconstructed from thirty beads of two kinds and seventeen pendants of two kinds. Twenty-six of the threaded beads are plain spheres, slightly indented around the perforations. They are made of sheet in two halves; the halves of four beads have separated. Four beads are short cylinders, composed of three rings of granulation. The seventeen pendants are each suspended from a wire loop which is inserted into a hole at the top of the pendant. Nine of these have the same form as the spherical beads and also have the perforations at each side. The other eight are plain ovals.

The spherical beads and pendants were made from punches similar to Özgen and Öztürk 1996, no. 203. Similar spherical and oval pendants were recovered from the Artemision at Ephesus and are included in the Late Bronze Age Aegina Treasure in the British Museum” (Özgen and Öztürk 1996). Total length 0.20 m, diameter of spherical beads 0.0065 m, weight 15.02 g.

From the Lydian Treasure; provenience unknown.
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