Monograph 13: Coins from the Excavations at Sardis: Their Archaeological and Economic Contexts (2018)

by Sardis Expedition


We are making the latest publication of coins from Sardis, Prof. Jane DeRose Evans’ Coins from the Excavations at Sardis (2018), available in a number of formats.

The book is available from Harvard University Press.

A pdf version is available for download.

The catalog has been included in the database on this web site; you can search for Publication = “M13.” Please note that for fields such as descriptions and inscriptions, we include only the idealized, normative descriptions for each coin type; individual coins may not preserve all the types and legends. Fields such as weight, dimensions, findspot, countermarks and the like are specific to the individual coin, of course. Context information such as trenches and loci are documented in the research records of the Sardis Expedition; at present it is not feasible to make these public in a usefully synthetic form, but we will gladly answer questions from interested scholars.

For those interested in incorporating coins from Sardis in their own numismatic research we offer an XML file of the raw data. If you use this data please let us know who you are and how you are using it.