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    Lid of sarcophagus of "Pamphylian" type, Izmir Archaeological Museum 833, three-quarter view. ()
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    Lid of sarcophagus of "Pamphylian" type, Izmir Archaeological Museum 833, end view. (Telif hakkı Sart Amerikan Hafriyat Heyeti / Harvard Üniversitesi)

"Pamphylian" Tipinde Lahit Kapağı

Late 2nd C. AD, Roma
İzmir, Arkeoloji Müzesi, 833
Müze Envanter No.
Sardeis veya Müze Env. No.
Izmir 833
Mermer, Taş
Eserin Türü
Heykel, Lahit
Heykelin Türü
Bulunduğu Yeri
Exact findspot unknown, "from Sardis."

There are very carefully trimmed rectangular bosses (H. 0.10; W. 0.14) at the centers of both ends of the sarcophagus and two on each side. The pediment has a plain epistyle, fine dentils, a Lesbian cyma, and plain band. A gutter decorated with double spirals is set back from the roof edge. In the center of the pediment is a circular object, definitely not a crown. It resembles a bowl with a very large round handle (diam. of bowl 0.105; H. of handle 0.045; diam. of handle 0.04). There is a small hole in the top of the "handle" for attachment. The simple, central acroterion consists of a pyramidal central stem and two "flaming" leaves (H. 0.10). The side acroteria have two similar leaves, one of which turns into a central leaf that grows out of a simplified acanthus chalice (H. 0.17). All acroteria are spherical at back.

The lion-head antefixes, six on each side, display an impressive, realistic type. They have flat noses, deep-set eyes, short ears lying back, and a full mane which frames the face. The mouths are open with the tongue sticking out. Large side fangs, upper and lower, and smaller teeth are preserved in some of the heads. They betray first-hand observation of lions. The workmanship is very fine, with plain parts chiseled with fine multiple tool, then very well smoothed. The piece is definitely an import to Sardis of the late 2nd C. A.D.


Very fine-grained white marble. Does not seem to be local Sardian marble.

Broken across top, pieces glued together in center of both sides. One side acroterion broken off, one damaged. Lion heads worn by weather, some lack details. Pediment of one side discolored as if from modem oil. Corner damaged.

W. at bottom of pediment 1.04; H. with acroterion 0.50, to top of pediment without acroterion 0.40; L. 2.21; W. of one half of roof slope 0.58. Lion heads: H. ca. 0.12; W. ca. 0.20.
Cf. Cat. 178, Cat. 179 (Figs. 326, 327).
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Published: Rodenwaldt, Sarcophagi Xanthos, 201, fig. 13. Note: the lid is still placed on sarcophagus 835, to which it does not belong.