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    Inscribed Revetment Fragments (©Archaeological Exploration of Sardis/President and Fellows of Harvard College)

Inscribed Revetment Fragments (from Synagogue, Main Hall, Bay 7): Revetment Inscription, ex voto, by [Pe?]gasios

Second half of the 5th century AD or later (Ameling); cf. no. 486 on Synagogue dating., Roman
Sardis or Museum Inv. No.
Marble, Stone
Object Type
Inscription Type
Religious Inscription
Inscription language
Inscription Text
		[Πη?]γ̣άσιος β´ Σαρδ. μ[ετὰ τ]ῆς συν[βίου  - -]Μ̣Α ἅμα τ[αῖς ν]ίνναις ὑπὲ[ρ] εὐ-
		χῆς ἐσκούτλω̣[σ]α εἰς κόσμον τοῦ οἴκ(ου).
Inscription Translation
“[Pe?]gasios(, son of [Pe?]gasios), citizen of Sardis, with his wife [ - - - ], together with his aunts(?), in fulfillment of a vow I gave the revetment for the ornamentation of the hall” (mostly after Kroll).
Inscription Comment
RT 62
Syn MH Above Floor
B-Grid Coordinates
E88 - E90 / N9 *96.30
Synagogue, Main Hall, Bay 7, east wall.

Fragments of six (or more) panels of wall revetment of white marble. The inscription is in one line. The letters are narrow and of varying shapes.

H. 0.41, preserved W. of inscribed fragments 2.97, H. of letters 0.10.

Marks of abbreviation after Σαρδ. and above the κ of οἴκ(ου).

[Πη]γ̣άσιος, Robert (no. 17); see nos. 512 and 513, preferred to Kroll’s restoration by D. Feissel, BE 2002, 614; [Ἱπ?]πάσιος: Kroll, with reference to Ἱππασίου (genitive), no. 540 (Ameling; SEG); Feissel underlines that the normal nominative of the latter name would be Ἱππασίας. - συν[βίου - -]Μ̣Α: my reading from the photograph. Is - -MA the ending of the genitive of the wife’s name? συν[βίο]υ̣ ἅ̣μα {ἅμα} Kroll (SEG); συν[βίου] ἅμα {ἅμα} Ameling. - τ[αῖς ν]ίνναις: Kroll says “I suspect that the spelling is…a variant of νάννη (῾aunt᾽),” with reference to ἡ νίν(ν)η, IG X 2, 617 and 624, the proposed translations of which (“grandmother” or “mother-in-law,” LSJ; Kroll considers “sister-in-law”) do not fit the present context. One would expect the mention of children rather than of aunts. - For οἶκος, see no. 516, 3 comm.

See Also
Partial edition, in parts superseded by new readings: L. Robert, Nouv. inscr. Sard. I, p. 50, no. 8; pp. 51–52, no. 8b; p. 54, no. 10; p. 55, no. 17, pls. VIII and IX. Full edition: Kroll, “Inscr. Synagogue,” pp. 32–33, no. 33, with further references; and p. 88, fig. 35 (Ameling, Inscr. Jud. Or. II, pp. 265–66, no. 94, with further references; SEG 51, 1650).